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We are a friendly and well established company providing a top quality and low-cost home and office cleaning in St Kilda and the surrounding areas. We provide high standards and reasonably priced cleaning services in St Kilda and the surrounding areas.
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Why Choose JP Cleaning?

If you are looking for economical and reliable cleaning company in St Kilda and the surrounding areas to take care of your residential, commercial and industrial premises, JP Cleaning offers you the perfect balance of price and quality.

Here are a few more reasons to call us right now:

  1. A wide range of professional cleaning services
  2. Flexible slots including weekends, same-day cleaning, short-notice availability, late nights, and public holidays.
  3. Our local cleaners are fully trained, vetted and insured
  4. We use eco-friendly solutions and detergents on request
  5. Our services come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee
  6. Instant free quotes: It’s easy! Just dial 04 0555 3390, 03 5930 3390 or simply use our online form!
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